Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Take your homeless back!


In light of the states continued homeless problem, some individuals have proposed offering shipment containers and to convert them into living quarters.  The container would sit on agriculture land and the occupant will then be forced into becoming a farm worker.  Seriously?!?!?! Do you really think that some of these homeless individuals will remain sober and work the land?  Great idea?!?!?!  What these idealist are forgetting is that some of the homeless make the conscious choice to not live in a shelter because they do not want to live by the rules and by societies standards.  Given the choices, to live on the streets and answer to no one, or to live in a container and answer to the farm handlers, which do you really think they would choose?

So, WWJD?  The idea of a container has some validity.  Put them in a container and get them comfortable.  Then lock it up, place the container on a barge, and ship it away!!!!!  Ok, I take back my intial response, let's shove them in a container and give them a false hope of a home!

That's WWJD.


  1. Yet another thought provoking dilemma. Hmmm......
    Containers are used to bring illegals across the Mexican border, so why not create jobs by making more containers and use them for the homeless? Load 'em up and ship the illegal Mexicans AND the homeless back to Mexico. They don't have to worry about overpopulation because they are killing each other off in droves. We've supported Mexico's illegals to the tune of millions of dollars, it's about time Mexico returns the favor and extends the same hospitality to our homeless. Ship back the illegals and the homeless - kill 2 birds with one stone.
    Did you hear about that woman who disappeared from her family for 40 years? They finally found her living a new life somewhere across the country. Obviously, she didn't want to be found by her family. Don't ALL of us have the right to privacy? Shipping the illegals and the homeless to Mexico ensures their privacy, we won't know where they are and many of us won't care.
    That's WWJD!!!! Me too.

  2. I agree! "CONTAIN"ment. What a novel idea! We don't even try to do THAT! I see illegals all the time standing outside Home Depot or paint stores in the morning waiting to be rounded up...not to be "contained" and shipped back but to spend the day painting, probably fed, and paying no taxes! Lets round them up to paint the inside of new containers, yeah, that's it!! Maybe they won't notice they're moving!!! :-)

  3. If people want to runaway, ok, but don't live off my frackin dime! And to all those fucktards working judicial system (the ones that send them away) that seem to provide one-way airline tickets to the islands, I'd like them kick some mutha-frackin rocks too!

    Operation CONTAINment will be in effect! Can we say "art project" in the works?