Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"IT's 4:20 WWJD?"

From a tweet captured today at 4:20 somewhere in the world, it was asked, "It's 4:20, WWJD?" 

WWJD?  Roll a fat one, spark it up, then roll another, and spark that one up!

Afficionado 4:20....Thanks be to Jah!


  1. WWTD when I have to worry about drug testing for jobs? Why should anyone care about what I do at 4:20pm as long as I can do my job? Such measures also help in dealing with the Jackholes of the world that you identify in your next blog. I understand drug testing for "serious" drugs, but come one, what harm did a 4:20er ever to to anyone? Laugh too much? Eat too much? Forget what they were talking about? Personally, I find peeing in a cup horribly degrading and an insult to my integrity. Test me on the job, both stoned and not stoned and see if it makes a big difference. If it does, I'll agree to not smoke, if it does not make a difference, then fire it up cuz I'm exercising my right to do something that hurts no one else. If the judicial system can let Casey Anthony loose with barely a slap on the wrist, they can let me enjoy 4:20 when it rolls around. Where are our priorities? Watching the clock to join you at 4:20 WWJD.

  2. Bwahahaha.....I completely concur!!!!! Why wait to 4:20? Since it appears you are now living in a state where a medical card can be useful....do I dare say more? I like your idea about testing my abilities, because I will "smoke" all those others out of town! RhedNiele for Governor! lol