Monday, July 18, 2011

It starts with YOU

If you want world peace, start by training your mind to be peaceful.

Alrighty then! It starts with me, it starts with you, it's about the collectiveness.  THAT'S WWJD!

Did you get it dumbass?


  1. Interesting that you post this at this time. I have just recently invited those close to me to share their views and opinions of "living aloha" and de-cluttering their lives of excessive personal belongings to make room in their hearts for more compassion, love, respect, and tolerance. I've had 2 responses, I supporting my views and 1 making a joke out of my comments. People aren't concerned with making the world a better place, they're concerned with what makes their world a better place. The selfishness, narrow mindedness, and reluctance to reflect inward on our values and how to help this troubled world appear to be far down the list of priorities. If my family and friends (intelligent, insightful, enlightened people, or at least I thought they were) can't take a moment to reflect on such matters, I have little hope for the majority of Americans. I get it and have many ideas for WWJD or at least WWSHouldDO.

  2. RhedNiele,

    Absolutement! (My effort of sounding intelligent with a non-english statement)

    By you putting your thoughts out there, I think you are apart of the collectiveness. Dare I say it, you may be saving the life of another dumbass who can't be bothered? Oye! I cringe at the thought of saving the dumb. I think that by you joining the ranks of the good and enlightened, you are actually helpig. Unfortunately, there is not mathematical expression for this, nor is there a thermometer bar telling us how many more we need to get to a mindful world. I believe we just have to do it.
    In the meantime, we must balance the intelligent out with some funny stories and release any expectation that other people will get it.

  3. f--- 'em. That's my new aloha spirit. By the way, I thought we had "containered" the dumbasses. Why do we still have to deal with them? Aren't they in Mexico by now, or maybe the truck carrying them there broke down. Oh shame.